OleaLeaf Facial Cream

A daily cream made with a sort of natural ingredients, which regenerates and keeps your skin visibly smoother and healthier and allow it to preserve its youthful properties over time.

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  • Container:
    50 ml
  • Combine with:
    OleaLeaf Serum as base treatment.
  • Texture:
    Light cream with a smooth scent.
  • Frequency:
    Use 2 times a day, day & night.



A daily use cream made with a communion of natural ingredients and ingredients of the latest technology, which regenerates and keeps your skin visibly smoother and healthier. The main ingredient olive leaf extract is known for its antioxidant, decongestant and nutritive function. Hyaluronic Cocktail and soluble collagen have a powerful redensifying and firming effects on the skin tissue, that allows the skin to preserve its youthful properties over time.
At the same time, Malus Domestica and Arginine help to stimulate the regeneration of the skin stem cells.


• Deliver hydration to the skin’s deeper layers.
• Protect the skin by creating an invisible film.
• Formulation is rich on natural and safe ingredients.
• Suitable for all types of skin.


Apply to a clean, dry face.

Massage gently until completely absorbed on face and neck.

Let it act.


~ Best quality ingredients ~

OleaLeaf®facial mask

Facial mask with Bisabolol and Aloe Vera.



Facial cream with Malus Domestica ext. and Hyaluronic Acid.


OleaLeaf®eye contour

Eye contour with Caffeine and Arginine.


OleaLeaf®facial serum

Serum with Ascorbyl Glucoside and Hyaluronic Acid.



Serum with Niacinamide and Uva Ursi.



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