OleaLeaf® Serum +

The Serum is formulated with special bio-actives and plant extracts, which lightens hyper-pigmentation and age spots, reduces wrinkles and minimizes the effects of sun damage.

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  • Container:
    30 ml
  • Combine with:
    OleaLeaf Cream.
  • Texture:
    Light emulsion non-greasy, easy to absorb.
  • Frequency:
    Use 2 times a day, day & night.



The Serum is formulated with special bioactives to soften the possible imperfections that arise on the skin due to acne, pregnancy, sun exposure, and create a protection that prevents their appearance. Contains Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is a powerful moisturizer that reduces the signs of aging. Helps to regenerate the hydrolipidic barrier to improve water retention, elasticity and resistance of the skin. It is also effective against acne, minimizing pores and smoothing skin blemishes. Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi leaf extract, an active ingredient that, in addition to being eminently depigmenting, also provides properties that help to unify skin tone, provide great vitality and luminosity to the skin. Biosaccharide-1 gum, rich in fructose and polysaccharides that fixes and prolongs the hydration of the epidermis, providing a velvety appearance and elasticity to the skin. Allantoin, an essential amino acid that participates in the internal production of proteins and is acquired externally.


• Facilitate the regeneration of epithelial cells.
• Lighten hyper-pigmentation and age spots.
• Balance between hydration and nutrition.
• Protect the skin from aging.


Apply to a clean face.

Apply a few drops on the face, neck and jawline.

Let it penetrate with gentle massage.


~ Best quality ingredients ~

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