TXA Plus ® is our premium line.
The main active ingredient is TXA Plus, an exclusive compound developed and used by KPS Laboratories.

It has a powerful whitening and pigment removing effect, and it is formulated along with other bio-actives to give the skin a more illuminated and youthful appearance, especially tailored for Asian women.


~ The complex for hyperpigmentation treatment ~

Through rigorous experiments and tests, as a result of scientific research, it is proven that the complex of Tranexamic Acid, Niacinamide and Ascorbyl Glucoside, effectively reduce pigmented spots and redness, brighten skin tone and slow the aging process of the skin.

It must be noted that among the numerous adjuvants used to optimize the depigmentation with tranexamic acid, niacinamide is particularly, as it is not a tyrosinase inhibitor, but rather interferes with the melanosomes transport, providing a potentiation effect to Tranexamic Acid.
In addition, research on ascorbyl glucoside’s ability to improve uneven skin tone or spots isn’t the best, however. At TXA Plus ® formula, ascorbyl glucoside plus the B vitamin niacinamide is a viable winning combination that can improve the visible signs of aging.

TXA PLUS® Facial mask

Day or night brightening and correcting mask that performs a gentle peeling action to reveal a fresh and radiant complexion. Whitening and pigment removing effect, along with other bio-actives to reduce wrinkles and bring out a more illuminated and youthful appearance.



A whitening cream that effectively works to combat uneven skin tone, prevent dark spots and restore luminosity of the skin. The exclusive formula inhibits melanin generation and relieves dryness while recovering the skin to a younger state.


TXA PLUS® Eye contour

The soft cream melts quickly into the skin, releasing a surge of beneficial ingredients to visibly reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness, brightening the eye contour area.



This potent serum constantly inhibits the formulation of melanin, correcting the appearance of dark spots and preventing hyper-pigmentation. The formula infused with active anti-oxidant ingredients helps to create a protective barrier over the skin by reinforcing its defenses against aggressors.


TXA PLUS® Body lotion

The lotion melts quickly into the skin, providing instant comfort while also improving the skin texture and condition over time for brightening and whitening results. Creates a softening and hydrating effects to leave the skin feeling young and replenished, from top to bottom.